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Our Mission

Support the Veteran Residents of the Soldiers’ Home in Holyoke and their Family Members with improved funding and staffing, the construction of a new and upgraded Home, an Adult Day Healthcare program, and better governance and oversight.

How can you help?


Send a message to Governor Baker that the Veterans who survived this tragedy, as well as their families are crying out for his help; to create a proper Home, with improved staffing, much like that which he supported for Veterans in Chelsea. Our Veterans have earned comfort, safety, and privacy during their stay at the Home.


A Path Forward

We request updates to the plan approved by the federal Department of Veterans Affairs that would result in a vastly improved Soldiers’ Home with greater privacy, infection control, and ultimately a much-improved quality of life for veteran residents, as well as an Adult Day Healthcare Program allowing Veterans in the community to remain with loved ones until admission to the Home.


Why We Are Involved

We strive to be part of the solution and capitalize on this unique opportunity to make things right: right for the families of the Veterans who died from the COVID-19, right for the incredibly dedicated staff who had to work in unacceptable conditions during the pandemic and right for future generations of Veterans who will need the Soldiers’ Home in Holyoke. 


Our Vision

We envision a Soldiers’ Home in Holyoke where Veterans enjoy an excellent quality of life and quality of care; where they, their families, and the staff engage in relationships that result in the best possible environment where Veterans want to live and staff want to work; and where all are protected, sustained in the safest and most compassionate Home possible.


The Projects

The Coalition supports two major capital improvement projects for the Soldiers’ Home in Holyoke:

  1. Replacing the North Building of the current Soldiers’ Home in Holyoke with a new 53,000 square foot building addition housing 120 private rooms with private bathrooms.  Upon completion of the project, the total long-term care bed capacity will house a minimum of 250 residents, in 12-15 bed units with integrated living space in the vision of a Community Living Center model. 

  2. Adding Adult Day Health Care for Veterans to meet the great demand in our community for a viable and affordable program that would extend the ability of Veterans to remain in their own homes and would ease their transition to nursing home care.

Read about the projects here.


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